Regular Platter


  • 5 choices regular hand roll $25.00
  • 10 choice regular hand roll $45.00
  • 1 kind 12 roll $45.00

Happy Platter


  • 4 regular roll, 1 special roll $30.00
  • 8 regular roll, 2 special roll $55.00

Deluxe Platter


4 regular roll, 4 special roll, 16 pc Sushi $88.00

Mix & Match


Choices of regular hand roll:

Cucumber or avocado roll, cucumber & avocado roll, seaweed and carrots roll, sweet tofu & yellow pickle roll, California roll, spicy tuna roll, spicy crab meat roll, sweet crab meat/w. avocado roll, salmon /w. avocado roll, Philadelphia roll, shrimp tempura roll, shrimp avocado or cucumber roll, eel avocado or cucumber roll.

Choices of special roll:
1. Rainbow Roll
Inside crabmeat and avocado, top of salmon, tuna, white fish
2. Black Dragon
Inside crabmeat and cucumber w. eel & avocado on top, eel sauce
3. Green Dragon
Inside eel & cucumber w. avocado masago on top, eel sauce
4. Summer Roll
Inside sweet crabmeat & avocado w. spicy crabmeat on top, spicy mayo
5. Golden Dragon Roll
Inside shrimp tempura & cucumber w. spicy crabmeat on top, spicy mayo
6. Red Hot Dragon Roll
Inside spicy crabmeat & avocado w. spicy tuna on top, spicy mayo
7. Deluxe Spring Roll
Sweet tofu, seaweed salad, carrots, yellow pickle, cucumber, seaweed nori outside
8. Fuji Roll
Inside cooked salmon, cream cheese, avocado w. crab meat on top, eel sauce & spicy mayo

Choices of Sushi:
Salmon, Tuna, Shrimp, White Fish, Eel, Kani(Crabmeat), Sweet Tofu & Seaweed Salad, Masago

Each Roll=8pcs
Add or order alone: regular roll $5.00/roll, special roll $1.0/roll, Sushi $2/pc
All catering order must be placed 48 hours in advance. 50% deposit required p front. Remaining balance is due at time of pick up.

All You Can Eat


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